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Audit your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, gain data-driven insight into your digital maturity and plan a path towards Connected Customer Marketing™.

Answer a series of questions about your organisation’s digital maturity across seven key areas: strategy, customer insight, operations, tech platforms, leadership and culture, marketing communications, and performance.
At the end of the assessment, Sonar provides you with a report, including practical advice and the steps you need to take to create lasting organisational change.
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Thinking about the company you work in, please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements.


Our organisation clearly understands the impact digital disruption is having on our business. *

Everyone has a clear understanding of who is responsible for defining our digital strategy. *

Our organisation has principles that guide how we work everyday. *

Our strategy is well-communicated and understood throughout the organisation. *

Customer Insight

Data is used at every stage of planning, operations, creation, distribution, engagement and measurement. *

Information on our customers is available to everyone within the organisation, regardless of role. *

We ensure communications with our customers are as personalised and relevant as possible. *

We use digital channels to open up new opportunities and reach new customers. *


We have easy to use processes in place to guide our marketing communications. *

Teams are empowered to design and optimise processes collaboratively. *

There is clear and available documentation for roles and teams within the organisation. *

Our organisation is set up to adapt easily to the changes digital brings. *

Tech platforms

We have the right tools and the right support to keep teams connected. *

We regularly review our technology platforms. *

Our tech solutions ensure that data is usable and actionable. *

We are happy to invest in tools and technology. *

Leadership & culture

There is consistent, clear leadership at all levels in the organisation. *

There is a mandate for change within the organisation, and an understanding of the nature of digital. *

Our organisation is a learning environment, where people can easily acquire the skills needed for digital. *

We are happy to look for inspiration and work with digital partners outside of our own organisation. *

Marketing & communications

Marketing is well-supported within our organisation with time and investment. *

Our marketing programs are organised around the needs of our customers. *

Digital channels and technologies are part of a multi-channel approach to customer communications. *

The marketing team collaborate with other parts of the organisation. *


We use data and insights to continually measure, optimise and improve our marketing and communications. *

We know what success looks like, and have a common language and framework for evaluation and measurement. *

Our data enables us to understand digital's return on investment. *

We track the performance of digital initiatives within the organisation. *

What do you feel are some of your organisation's biggest digital successes?

Thank you for your time.
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